Friday, February 3, 2012

Wyatt Scrapbook - Nashville YWCA "House" Song

In November 2011, I purchased a scrapbook at an antiques mall in Carson, California. The scrapbook is believed to have belonged to Laurine Wyatt. I am transcribing the articles and documents contained in the scrapbook with the hope that it may be of value to genealogists who may be researching the individuals named.

Apparently, the young women who lived at the Nashville YWCA  had a “house” song; Laurine had pasted the lyrics in the scrapbook.  The song was set to the tune of “Juanita,” and at the end of the post, I’ve linked to a YouTube video featuring Jim Reeves, a country singer also known as "Gentleman Jim," singing the song.

“TUNE:  Juanita

Soft over Nashville, gently falls the twilight deep,
Lights from our "Y" home, Now begin to creep
From the nearby tower, Chimes ring out their evening song,
To the "Y" we hasten, evenings are not long.
Y - Y - Y W C A, May our praise of thee be true,
For friendships, memories tender,
Thanks to thee are due.


Oft in our wanderings, Far or near tho we may roam,
Still we remember, Thee our Nashville home.
Here we've laughed together, Sung and danced, made friendships too
Here's our toast to thee then, And the white and blue.”

© 2012 Denise Spurlock, Ancestral Trees Research

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