Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wyatt Scrapbook - A Letter from Fairyland

In November 2011, I purchased a scrapbook at an antiques mall in Carson, California. The scrapbook is believed to have belonged to Laurine Wyatt. I am transcribing the articles and documents contained in the scrapbook with the hope that it may be of value to genealogists who may be researching the individuals named.

Laurine must have been very ill and much in need of cheering up, based on this letter sent to her at St. Joseph Hospital in August 4, 1928. This delightful letter was neatly folded and kept in the scrapbook in its original envelope. It does refer to another event for which Laurine had a news clipping—the engagement of Ora Beverly Goss and Lucian Leonard Davis of St. Louis, Missouri. Lucian Davis had two younger sisters, Edith and Helen, the likely writers of this letter. [Source: 1920 U.S. census, St. Louis (Independent City), Missouri, population schedule, St. Louis Ward 25, Enumeration District (ED) 510, Sheet 5A, dwelling 66, family 91, Albert S. Davis; online images, ( : accessed 9 February 2012); citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm publication T625, roll 961.]


[the envelope]

E. & H. Davis
7577 Warner Ave.
St. Louis, Mo.

                                                Miss Laurine Wyatt
                                                St. Thomas Hospital
                                                Nashville, Tenn.

Room 416
Special Del.

[the letter]
“Just Anytime — Anywhere

Dear little sick girl, we are thinking of you, and we hope you are feeling better, and will soon be back to the old job. [Every woman's job]

We know you will soon be up and out. We think about you every day, and would love so much to see you. And to, we hope you will be out before the wonderful summer breezes are gone. So you can stretch your arms and feel so free once again.

Everything is at the heigth of its beauty here now. Mother's flowers are all in bloom. We have red roses, yellow roses, pink roses, and white roses. Beautiful red zenias, colorful Petunias, happy larkspurs, towering Tiger Lilies, swaying Hollyhawks, dancing pansies, and Oh! ever so many more.

And I can't forget our rolly, poly vegetable garden. Saucy parsley, peppery radishes, slender pole beans, sqatty lettuce leaves, oderless onions, snippy, nippy parsnips, and red hot jazz mad peppers. Now, what do you think of that for a vitality giving, bone building, garden?

Now we aren't trying to tempt you, or anything like that, but you know these vitality giving, bone building, morsels are what you need, and we are only trying to help the doctor.

And, too, we want to tempt you with these healthy things so you will soon be strong enough to fill our mail tray

Our little fairies wish you nothing but luck. They say they enjoyed their visit very much. I know you must have liked them too. One little fairy goes with everyeach letter to bring you a good message of cheer. Oh! yes we fairies have a Queen, but she never travels away from our Castle ^of happiness. If she did it would crumble and fall away. And so it is a great privilege to have her picture here. —>

This  picture was made especially for you.  —>

I suppose you know there is going to be a happy celebration at Turkey Time. And we shall be speeding toward your city to attend this magnificant affair. [Ora's and Lucian's wedding of course.]

And we hope to see our little friend when we arrive.

You can't imagine who we are, because fairies do not tell their names. So open this book and in it you will the images of two—Alas! —two Monkey Dunks.

Just feel how woozy we are.

Love, Oooze & Wooze”

© 2012 Denise Spurlock, Ancestral Trees Research

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