Friday, December 30, 2011

Wyatt Scrapbook - YWCA Health Club

In November 2011, I purchased a scrapbook at an antiques mall in Carson, California. The scrapbook is believed to have belonged to Laurine Wyatt. I am transcribing the articles and documents contained in the scrapbook with the hope that it may be of value to genealogists who may be researching the individuals named.


—Banner Staff Photo.

Members of the various classes in the health education department of the Y. W. C. A. recently organized a Business Girls' Health Club. The offices, reading from left to right, are: Mrs. Martha Holton, president; Mrs. Mary Parrish, second-vice president; Miss Evelyn Stark, membership chairman; Mrs. Thelma Moody, secretary-treasurer; Miss Myrtle Jones, publicity chairman, and Miss Dessa F. Ainlay, adviser of the club and director of the department. Miss Mary Sherer, first vice-president, is not in the picture.”

[The name of the newspaper in which this photograph appeared and the date of publication are unknown.]

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