Friday, December 2, 2011

Wyatt Scrapbook - Mrs. William S. Spangenberg Honored

In November 2011, I purchased a scrapbook at an antiques mall in Carson, California. The scrapbook is believed to have belonged to Laurine Wyatt. I am transcribing the articles and documents contained in the scrapbook with the hope that it may be of value to genealogists who may be researching the individuals named.

“Mrs. W. S. Spangenberg Is Honoree of Affair

“Mrs. William S. Spangenberg, a popular bride, was the honoree of an informal party Friday evening when Mrs. William Blount and Miss Louise McDonald entertained at the home of Mrs. Blount on Fifteenth Avenue, South.

“Contests were the diversion of the evening, prized being awarded Miss Dorothy Brooks and Mrs. Marshall Spangenberg. The honoree was presented a number of gifts, the presentation being made by little Caroline Murphy.

“Late in the evening refreshments were served. The cutting of a decorated bride's cake was a feature. The guests were: Misses Carobelle Murphy, Louise Kerr, Myrtle Jones, Mary Parrish, Evelyn Stark, Mrs. Jerry Dale, Miss Camille Binkley, Mrs. Florine Duncan Powers, Miss Lillian Kinsolving, Mrs. Marshall Spangenberg, Miss Frances Turner, Mrs. Joe B. Williams, Miss Thelma Green, Mrs. Virginia Sexton, Mrs. Williams Harlon, Miss Dorothy Brooks, Miss Laura Van Trease, Mrs. Weaver Harris, Miss Dessa Fay Ainlay, Miss Ruby McQuire, Miss Gertrude Brown, Mrs. Sophia Bender, Mrs. H. T. Ammerman of Chattanooga, Tenn., Miss Lorraine Hill, and Miss Peggy Zoller.”

  1. The date of this announcement and the newspaper in which it was published are unknown.
  2. Although the middle initial in her name is different, I believe this article also refers to Nancy Lee (Brandon) Spangenberg whose marriage announcement was the topic of another post.
  3. The relationship between Laurine Wyatt and individuals mentioned in this article is unknown.

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  1. this is a wonderful gift for some as yet unknown family history researcher. Kudos!

  2. Thanks, Jen! I'm having a wonderful time doing this. And actually had a contact from someone yesterday about an earlier post.

  3. Thanks for posting this Denise. I've Spangenbergs in my family and am sending a link to the gentlemen who has been researching our Spangenberg line much longer then I have. Will let you know if what I find out.

    Regina =^)

  4. Regina, Keeping my fingers crossed that this may be helpful to your family research!