Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surname Saturday – A Research Tip

Have you ever searched the GeneaBloggers website for the surnames you are researching? I never had until this morning. On a whim, I put SPURLOCK in the search box and got 10 pages of results! Most of the results were related to my own blog posts, but I did get results from several blogs about which I was previously unaware. One of the links led me to the obituary for a second cousin who died in 1966 – cool! I’m going back now to search for other surnames.

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  1. Denise today I was in Irving, TX and I saw a building that said "Jack Spurlock Realty" What a coincidence.

  2. Cheryl, There were some distant cousins who ended up in the Dallas area. I'll have to check it out. "Jack" seems to have been a very popular Spurlock name/nickname!