Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Genealogy Database Statistics

Randy Seaver, of GeneaMusings, has posted this week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge:
Hey genea-philes - it's Saturday Night!  Time for more Genealogy Fun!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  If you have your family tree research in a Genealogy Management Program (GMP), whether a computer software program or an online family tree, figure out how to find how many persons, places, sources, etc. are in your database (hint:  the Help button is your friend!).

2)  Tell us which GMP you use, and how many persons, places, sources, etc. are in your database(s) today in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, or in a Facebook status or Google+ stream comment.
I use the Deluxe Version of Legacy Family Tree 7, which doesn't provide as many statistics as RootsMagic 4. The steps in Legacy are to click on HELP, and then on GENERAL INFORMATION; here are my results:

It shows that the version I am using has a build date of 2 Aug 2011; one of Legacy's features is that it will remind you to check for updates to the software. This is the most recent version.

Under File Information, you will note that the Family File Path shows that I have saved my database to My Dropbox. By saving it there, I can be sure that I have the most up-to-date information whether I open the database from my desktop computer or my laptop.

Finally, it gives some content information:

  • Number of individuals: 9,765
  • Number of families: 3,456
  • Unique surnames: 2,161
  • Master source entries: 921 (Of course, I have many more source citations! This just represents the number of master sources I am currently using.)

Here are some of the other reports available in Legacy, along with my current page count for each report:

  • Event Report: lists events for each individual (200 pages)
  • Source Citations Report: lists each master source with the number of times it is used (62 pages)
  • Surname Report: lists each surname with the number of occurrences (37 pages)
  • To Do Report: lists to-do items by individual (21 pages)

To save trees, I don't print ANY of these reports!

© 2011 Denise Spurlock, Ancestral Trees Research

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