Monday, April 9, 2012

Motivation Monday – March Madness

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Between “Censusmas” (April 2nd) and Easter, I lost the first week of April, after a crazy March! Here is my status on my 2012 goals:

Client Research
  • Ongoing heir search in the Midwest United States
  • Full family history project as a gift for a family friend’s 80th birthday.

Personal Research and Organization
  • Using the Surname Saturday prompt, I blogged each week about one of my ancestors. With the first week of April included, I’ve made it through all my great-grandparents. Next weekend I start with my 2nd great-grandparents; while I have done considerable research on some of them, there are others who really need some attention!
  • I transcribed four deeds for Amanuensis Monday postings. I did not get as many other documents organized as I wanted; however, I did spend several hours processing (including writing proper source citations) and organizing about 40 documents and photographs. There are still many more to do!

  • Continued weekly participation in Amy Coffin’s 52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy with a total of four posts in March! I got behind, spent some time catching up and I’m behind again!
  • In March I wrote 20,801 words for blog posts, Examiner articles, and the family history project. I wrote another 23,902 words at – a total of nearly 44,703 words!
  • My editorial calendars went by the wayside for March – need to try again!



Giving Back
  • I went to Wilmington Cemetery to take photos for Find-A-Grave and to research a burial for someone. I took a few photos and created about half a dozen memorials. I was disappointed that I was unable to get good photos because the grass had nearly grown over several of the grave markers in the area in which I was working. I’ll be taking some gardening tools along with me next time.

 So that was March…time to get back to April!

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